Sunday, 13 April 2014

Friday Food Fight Ep 05

So another Friday, another Food Fight. Definitely something to look forward to as soon as the office peaks down around 3 in the afternoon. As always, theres never enough room in my stomach to try everything on offer but I always manage to walk out feeling satisfied. From my last post, Piggie Smalls were definitely my fav and they were there again so I couldn't resist but have another one of their pulled pork dogs to start :). 

But here's what I had at ep 05... 

Mumma Schnitzel... 

The Mumma Burger & The Shmokey Jo Burger (minus the cheese and bacon :() 

I was really looking forward to trying out Mumma Schnitzel as chicken is one of my favourite meats and you don't see a lot of fresh chicken burgers being served up nowadays as beef burgers are much preferred. 

On the top 'The Mumma Burger' which is your classic chicken burger covered in panko breadcrumbs, mayo and some lettuce and a touch of sweet chilli for that extra zing. On the bottom 'The Shmokey Jo Burger' minus the Applewood Cheddar and Smokey Streaky Bacon :( (they ran out!) but it was still as tasty with the red cabbage and BBQ sauce. 

The chicken breasts were freshly deep fried and the panko breadcrumbs were light and crunchy. The brioche buns were really soft and not too stodgy so that gave me an excuse to eat some more. 

Love from the streets... 

To be honest I've not tried a lot of Caribbean food before, just the odd jerk chicken and pattie every now again. Caribbean restaurants are really hard to find around cities and good ones are always recommended by someone who knows what authentic Caribbean food is. So I took the opportunity to try out Love from the streets. 

We tried the Streetfood box which consisted of a piece of jerk chicken, beef and oxtail, pattie, dirty rice and a side of bad boy slaw. The other was the jerk chicken box which was complimented by dirty rice and bad boy slaw. 

The chicken was juicy, smokey and hot but it was so good!! The bad boy slaw took the heat of our tongues a little as it was fresh and crisp. The rice on the other hand was a little undercooked and tasteless and nothing quite so dirty but overall we enjoyed it. They had a great selection of sauces on offer, the pineapple one was the best as it was fruity and had a little chill kick to it but the extra hot one seriously put our tongues on fire!!  

La Dolce Dolls

Cheesy fries are my all time comfort snack and nothing is better than cheesy fries with small chunks of jalapeños! These fries are to die for and is even better paired up with a cider :) 

All in all another satisfying food fight! 

Will you be going to the next episode? 

Clarissa x  

Sunday, 23 March 2014

London - Foodie adventures

So I popped to London a few weeks ago to visit some old friends for the weekend. Here are some snippets of the yummy foods I enjoyed most.

Burger and Lobster - Soho 
Famous for it's no menu and no reservation the name just says it all. You can choose to have either a lobster (grilled or steamed and complimented with garlic butter sauce) or a burger both served with fries and salad. 

For only £20 and a good cut of meat and shellfish this is definitely a bargain and a must try in any of the London branches. 

The Lobster was a decent size and the shells broke apart easily making it easy to get the meat out. I had mine grilled and to be honest it wasn't any different to the steamed one. The lobster was juicy and each claw was filled with lots of meat.  

The burger was a good cut of beef weighing at a whopping 10oz! My friend was satisfied and described it as the best burger she's ever had. (Sometimes minimal ingredients is best as you get to really enjoy the flavours and quality of the meat) 
We waited for 2 hours before we was seated but was definitely worth the wait. 

Another place on my list was the Hummingbird bakery. Famous for it's red velvet cupcakes I had to buy a few back! The sponge was soft and fluffy and the cream cheese icing was the best I've tasted. Not too sweet nor cheesy it had a good balance. 

We also popped into a tapas place in soho some where before going out. A great little place for a few drinks and nibbles. It was really chilled out as it was self service and everything was on skewer sticks. Just take your plate and choose any of the small tapas dishes that takes your fancy and pop the skewer sticks in a jar to calculate the bill at the end. I can't remember the name of the place (sorry) 

It had a great combination of fish, meat, grilled veggies, olives and tasty sweet treats.

Some other bits and bobs...

Hazlenut gelato at Notting Hill 

Potato spiral from the Portobello market 

Sunday roast at a local pub in Greenwich

I hope you enjoyed this post, can you recommend some more places in London? 

Clarissa x